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Rome, Italy


The project explores the creation of a contemporary immersive experience using new perspectives anchored in a unique context. The Villa Medici, perched atop the Pincio hill in Rome, embodies art and creation by putting Renaissance principles into practice.
Inspired by the technique of perspective invented at that time, our aim is to direct the eye - in the manner of Renaissance artists - towards the central window that reveals the adjacent garden: this magnificent view becomes an integral part of the project. Also inspired by the neighbouring Piazza di Spagna, a monumental staircase links the different levels of the room. This sculptural connection encourages the Villa’s residents to use it at different levels, creating a rich and varied visual experience.

Surface: 30 sqm +13 sqm mezzanine

Client: Villa Medici - Call for project proposal 

            Project not realised 

Design & renderings : SCALA

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