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Paris IX, France


This apartment is the result of merging former maid's rooms in a Haussmann-style building in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, offering breathtaking views of the city and its rooftops.

Divided into three rooms, the space is characterized by perfect symmetry replicated on either side of a large mirror-covered wall that conceals the building's chimney ducts.

This reflective element defines the connections between the different spaces: the entrance, the dining/living area, and the kitchen.

The mirror is the central element in this project: in addition to visually enlarging the space, it creates surprising optical effects and reflects light, which abundantly diffuses thanks to a westward exposure.

A bathroom and separate toilet, both finely cladded with colored tiles, complete this project characterized by chromatic nuances and material harmony.

Surface: 40 sqm

Client: Private
Design: SCALA


© photo : SCALA, Mathieu Foucher

Furniture: RBC

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