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At SCALA, we aim to push the boundaries of conventional creativity, through our own vision or that of talented partners working in complementary industries.

We sincerely embrace the ambition of enhancing and enriching our projects by providing a unique, imaginative, and surprising perspective.

C / PS04

For this collaboration, the studio invited the collective CELA to reinterpret, in their own unique language and with complete freedom, the concept developed by SCALA for the PS04 project. Their skillful blend of lights, sounds, and rhythms, enhanced by multimedia tools, allowed them to capture the timeless beauty of a raw construction site in Paris.

The talented photographer and motion designer Mathieu Foucher captured the installation.   |



We delight in capturing precise and fleeting moments during the demolition phase of our construction sites. We discover a profound poetry in the exposure of layers accumulated over time and an objective aesthetic that lasts only briefly before the work continues.

This crystallization of space in a specific instant is crucial for us to bear witness to the past history of the location and to situate the project on a temporal scale, highlighting the evolution of time within that space.


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