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Crédit photo : Studio Blask


It is essential to have other creative personalities by our side to share experiences, identify problems, and collectively find the best solutions.

SCALA, created in 2022, is an interior architecture and industrial design studio with a Franco-Italian soul, born from our shared passion for creating exceptional spaces and innovative products.

Our collaboration offers a comprehensive vision for each project, thanks to our complementary backgrounds: at SCALA, our main goal is to develop projects at all scales, from industrial products to custom furniture and interior architecture, with a particular focus on overall coherence.

We firmly believe that a holistic approach allows for a seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality, and experience. Before founding SCALA, we worked as art directors and project managers at the prestigious Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

Our approach stands out for our ability to create unique spaces and products that tell a story, while meeting the specific needs of our clients.


Filippo Francescangeli, Clio Zancanella et David Mélan


We have chosen the Italian term "SCALA" as the name of our studio.

It carries a powerful and ambivalent meaning that can signify both "scale" and "staircase."

According to us, it immediately embodies the studio's desire to work on a multitude of project scales, down to the smallest details.

By also referencing the architectural element of the staircase, which is the core of any building, it symbolizes the link between an idea and its realization, much like a staircase that unites the different levels of a construction.

SCALA is committed to adding value to every project, elevating it to a higher degree, relying on our expertise and unique experience.


SCALA has found its place in a space that is both simple and original, at the foot of the majestic Saint-Vincent-de-Paul church, between the vibrancy of the 9th arrondissement and the hustle and bustle of Gare du Nord.

A small intervention in an existing space, focused on a play of light and volumes in the ceiling and in the custom fixed furniture designed by SCALA, has given the space a very personal character.

For us, the best condition for creativity is to be in a place where order gives way to the disorder of ideas.

That's why this clear and adaptable space represents us.

Crédit photo : Florent Mandon
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